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WONDROUS – inspiring a feeling of wonder or delight.

Who are we?

We are a small media and video production agency based in North Northumberland specialising in the production of high impact, innovative and engaging video content to tell stories and communicate powerful marketing messages to engage, entertain, and educate your audience. We take care of your entire video production from start to finish; pre-production discussions, filming, post production editing and colour correction, audio engineering and mixing, motion graphics, through to final output and upload to the internet or to DVD/Blu-ray. We can even help setup your own YouTube channel!

We also specialise in creating high-resolution 360° virtual tours, as well as catering for all business/corporate still photography needs.
We have the creative flare to capture design, mood and ambiance as well as adding impact. We also have the technical knowledge to enhance imagery to new levels in post-production. Customer satisfaction is important to us, being a local company we offer support and advice on a one to one basis throughout all stages of a project. We don’t try to confuse or blind you with technology, but listen carefully to your requirements and strive to surpass your expectations. Our adaptable approach helps put together a tailored package that caters exactly to your needs, and working together we can really make you stand out from the crowd.
 A few online video statistics :

Users who find videos helpful making online purchase decisions


Increase in conversion rates using video on landing pages


Global consumer internet traffic which is video by 2017


Increase in user understanding of your product/service


Users more likely to purchase after watching a video


Users who will watch a video on your website


Video Production

We specialise in the production of high impact, innovative and engaging video content that drives traffic to your site, creates trust and credibility, and transmits powerful marketing messages that engage, entertain, and educate audiences.

360° Virtual Tours

360° Virtual Tours are a powerful sales and marketing tool, allowing your audience to experience your facilities interactively, 24 hours a day. Your audience will be able to walk around, explore and truly experience what you have to offer – just like being there!


Unique, high quality photography can influence that first impression. We make the process easy by coming to you, and offer Commercial, Corporate and Architectural photography services, as well as portraits, headshots and groups and even aerial photography.

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What we do

We specialise in the production of high impact, innovative and engaging video content that drives traffic to your site, creates trust and credibility, and transmits powerful marketing messages that engage, entertain, and educate audiences.

A video can keep browsers on your website for longer by increasing the interactivity of your site and quickly conveying your unique selling point in a condensed and engaging manner. The longer a person stays on your website, the higher chance they will remember your brand when purchasing products or securing services, and video makes a long lasting impression.


  • We’ll come around, sit down and discuss your requirements
  • We’ll help plan, script and storyboard the video


  • Digitally record full motion HD 1080p video footage and audio
  • If required record an audio voiceover


  • Video is professionally edited and colour graded
  • Audio engineering; clear, crisp audio is as important and the video. We professionally record, process and edit audio using best in industry hardware and software.
  • Background music sound tracks sourced and added to the video if required
  • We can produce motion graphics and animations to add extra impact


  • When you are happy with the final video it will be uploaded to YouTube
  • We can help you set up a YouTube Channel if you don’t have one
  • We’ll help you add the video to your website homepage and social media
  • Can also be supplied on DVD or Blu-ray disc for offline viewing

Some clients we have produced videos and virtual tours for:

Recent work

Below is one of the recent YouTube web videos produced for Blackshaws Garage in Alnwick, Northumberland with their sales executive presenting a review of the new Suzuki Celerio.


YouTubeYouTube is a great place for viewers to find entertainment, buts it also a great place for you to find your customers and your customers find you. YouTube is a place to tell your business story, and engage with your customers, it lets your customers see you, hear you and connect with you.

YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google on the internet, and it is vitally important that your business has a presence. In the UK alone:

  • YouTube is now the second largest internet search engine
  • 6 Billion videos are watched each month
  • 35 Million people watch online videos each month
  • 85% reach of the each month online population each month
  • 17 hours of online video per person each month

Once up on YouTube video content can easily be added into your own website, usually onto your homepage; not only so that it is the first thing a customer sees, but more importantly it makes your website over 50% more likely to be listed on the first page of Google search results.

Property Tour

A tour of your property, just like being there! Interior & exterior cinematic footage to accentuate your unique features and selling points & make you stand out from your competition.

Promotional & Marketing Video

Dynamic, punchy & eye-catching video to showcase your businesses products and services

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are a cost-effective way to showcase your successes. Using real customers, Testimonial Videos create an instant connection and build trust.

Corporate Video

From video interviews with business owners, staff and customers to a corporate brand film to communicate your story and ensure customers understand your business and values

Training Video

Training Videos are a cost effective alternative to one-on-one training, and can be used to educate staff on important information, processes and policies.

Health & Safety Video

Video is a cost-effective way to educate your staff. It keeps attention levels and allows your training material to be digested much more quickly as well as ensuring a consistent level of staff training


See how slow moving events evolve by speeding up time & see how a construction project evolves, a landscape changes over time or watch crowds & traffic flow like rivers.

Aerial Video

When you want to capture the scale of a scene, and get a birds eye view to appreciate a setting within its environment.


Factual documentaries to bring stories to life, engage with the audience and serve to document for years to come.

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